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Lynn Schabalala is a fashion designer who aims to have a sustainable women's fashion apparel company that seeks to provide its customers a boutique shopping experience, giving customers the perfect fit at a competitive price. The company's objective is to generate a profit for our investors, selectively grow the business and create jobs. We are committed to using South African Suppliers to support our Supply Chain. Creating jobs and using South African Suppliers supports our passion for poverty alleviation and education.


I was a stay-at-home mom for 5 years and even though my kids are now at school for half the day till 12:30, nurturing, developing, growing and teaching them is still my first priority and passion.


I was a fashion designing student, who qualified as a fashion design in December 2016. For the purposes of this blog  I will discuss my journey to starting my own business and devloping my own lable, whilst being a mom who tries to find sustainable ways of keeping in shape so that I can always look and feel great in my own designs.  And Hence finding a sustainable way of always maintaining a good exercise routine and healthy diet whilst effectively stimulating and nurturing my two kids.


I completed my first collection as part of my final presentation, which concluded my studies in December 2016. My family and I moved to Cape Town, South Africa during December 2016, and my blog discusses the transition to settling and developing my space, systems and processes.


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