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This blog is about my personal journey through my adult life. From growing up in Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, South Africa to being an Electrical Engineer at Eskom, Distribution for 10 years and then having God speak to me to live a simpler life and resigning to become a stay-at-home mom and nurture my kids as they developed from little babies to toddlers and now moving on to be little boys.  This journey focuses more specifically on the reawakening of my own ambitions in life, which has always been Fashion Design and how having embarked on this journey of becoming a Designer in California, USA I am developing my own design style and my own brand.


But as a Fashion Designer my intent has always been to look and feel great in my own designs and this takes me to the beauty side of my blog, which involves balancing my duties as a stay-at-home mom with exercise and eating healthily in order to look amazing.  But at the same time having enough time and energy to stimulate and nurture my 2 boys and keeping them happy :-)


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