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A little story about my closet...

Oh my goodness, my closet is such a mess, it's not even funny lol

So this history of this mess is the following:

We didn't grow up very wealthy and even though our parents bent over backwards to accommodate our every "need", we never got to understand the meaning of Gucci and Ralph Lauren as kids lol

Varsity was no different, getting by on my bursary spending money it was a toss up between looking good and possibly non-functional and being economical and functional. The University of Cape Town (UCT) was known for gail force winds and terrible rain that no umbrella could withstand so you needed a good rain coat/jacket.

Also I lived in Mitchell's Plain and took the 6am bus to UCT and then many a time I took a 7pm bus back home. So my clothing needed not only to be functional, but I had to work within my budget.

So I'm sure you can picture this wardrobe so far.

Then when I started working I didn't quite think cohesively lol and bought individual items that I really liked or 1 outfit, but not necessarily a cohesive wardrobe all in all. I always think to myself, oh you could have done so much more for your wardrobe in those 10 working years lol.

Then i resigned and became a stay-at-home mom. So we went from a double income household to a single income, meant no disposable income to go shopping for clothes.

I basically bought clothing items from China Town, which wasn't always a bad thing, but ..... JA, lol

Then 2 years ago we moved here and we had more disposable income, but I still had the save money mind-set, plus life in the US was so damn expensive, buying anything always freaked me out lol

Then after 1 year I started studying Pattern Making and Design (PMD), now I don't want to buy anything because I want to make my own clothes and in doing so transform my wardrobe tailored to my own personal style, but the down side to this, is that I'm so busy trying to get through the course work, that I don't really get time to make garments for myself.

So my wardrobe is kinda transitioning, slowly, but surely, but will definitely keep you posted.

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