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Attending New York Fashion Week

Being able to attend New York Fashion Week is an absolute dream come true. Even though the stage at which I am as a designer may not be where I would have like to be as a designer, being able to attend as a student of Fashion Design was definitely inspirational to say the least.

Firstly, landing in Manhattan at night, looking down over the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building was a magnificent experience.

And then being part of the festivities at New York Fashion Week was wonderful. The show that I actually attended was Couture Fashion Week and it was a wonderful experience to be able to attend.

Now I must admit that I probably wasn't feeling as glamorous and fabulous as I would have like to, but I promised myself that I would wear something to Fashion Week that I made myself, which I did. And I happened to be working with a Princess Line Knit Fabric Pattern the weeks leading up to Fashion Week as part of my studies, so I thought it would work out just fine considering the below zero temperatures New York would be experiencing. The fabric was a fun Jersey Knit with a fleece lining so definitely very warm. But considering that the temperature was -14°C while walking from the hotel to the Couture Fashion Week venue, not only was I wearing my knit dress, but I also had a couple of thermal layers underneath, which made me appear even bulkier than I actually was. I think the trick was for me to take a massive over sized piece of luggage with me, stuff my coat and all my extra layers in there upon arrival to look fabulous during the show. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t even have a locker or a coat service, where you could hand in your coat and goodies for the duration of the show. So I walked around holding my massive coat, hat, scarf and gloves all the time.

So my wonderful husband actually planned this trip for me in December already as an aspiring Fashion Designer. How blessed can a girl be?

Also I was meant to have VIP tickets to the main New York Fashion Week event, but 2 weeks before the show I received an e-mail from them informing me that they overbooked the show and unfortunately would need to refund my money for the show. I was seriously disappointed, and sent them a stinking e-mail about how unprofessional this is, and unacceptable because we had already booked flights and accommodation as well, and would this be included in the refund. Within hours I received a call informing me that they now had an afternoon event on the same day that I could attend, but there would be no cocktail event before the show as my initial show did and the $250 gift bag would be mailed to my residential address.

I just felt that we were being ripped off, to still pay $380 for a now matinee show, which didn’t even include the pre-cocktail event, etc. They should have offered us the tickets at a discounted price, but they didn’t.

I was just so disappointed as I was really looking forward to an evening cocktail party followed by a spectacular fashion show,

I had fun at Couture Fashion Week nonetheless.

The back of my design.

I even got a picture with 2 of the models.

And another Fashion Enthusiast ;-)

Overall I had a good time, learnt lots about the industry and will be better prepared next time ;-)

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