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Experiencing temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius in New York

Oh my goodness, so growing up in Cape Town, South Africa and having lived in San Ramon, California for 2 years now, nothing prepares one for these kind of temperatures.

This weekend made me take layering to a new and different level.

The picture below shows the amount of clothes I put on at once. 3 layers of thermals, plus my actual clothes and my coat, scarf, hat and gloves and of course stockings.

And even through all of that, it feels as if your toes and fingers are going numb and going to fall off. I now totally get the concept of "I'm freezing", because you could literally freeze to death in those kinda temperatures.

I went on a Garment District walking tour on Sunday February 14th, 2016 and the tour guide had to keep the pen inside his gloves else the ink would just freeze up and the pen wouldn't work.

In retrospect, what was I thinking signing up for a walking tour with temperatures between -12 and -18 degrees celsius ... It was interesting nonetheless.

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