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Burning 444 kCalories in one Session

So on Tuesday I did a spinning class at gym and burnt 444 kCal (kilo Calories) in a single session. It was so insane, when walking down the stairs that led to the exit my legs were all shaky and wobbly. So that's wonderful right? Right! Wonderful as long as it is sustainable. And sustainability has always been my issue. Needless to say, this was the only day of the week that I did any exercise :-(

I've always been very impatient and expecting instantaneous results. Starting in Primary school through High School I was a 100 meter and 200 meter athlete. So exercise was quick, never ever saw myself partaking in one of those long distances races e.g. 1500m. Oh my goodness, those guys trained and trained and trained way more more than I did. So from a young age I got into this mindset unfortunately.

But now as a grownup I am not reaping any benefits because of this bad habit of exercising in short bursts and then stopping for a couple of weeks. So even now I will exercise well for maybe 4 weeks I'll grow tired of it and I'll take a 4 week break :-(

So I know my current strategy is to try and include my exercise as part of my routine. Set day and set time, but this is hard as well because as you know life happens.

One other thing I'm trying to do as part of my attempted exercise routine is to vary things up. So I've been doing the Bootcamp class, the Body pump class, the Turbo Kick class and then of course as previouly mentioned the Spinning Class. The main reasons for this is firstly to not get bored of sticking to a single type of exercise, but I also feel that doing different types of exercise is more effective in improving fitness levels and losing body fat :-)

So I'm really open to suggestions on how I can improve the sustainability of my exercise routine. Please include your suggestions in the comments section below. TIA xoxo

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