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Final 8-Piece Collection

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. Wow, can't believe that 2017 is here.

Well, 2016 was quite exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. I finished my final project, which was an 8-Piece collection and I am ecstatic to begin working as a fashion designer in South Africa.

The Director of Apparel arts, Suzy Furer said that "Overall an excellent job, Lynn. I am really impressed with your skill in pattern making. Your design sense is strong. Your understanding of mixing fabrics is excellent. I like how you knew when to ground the line with a fabric (specifically the black and white wool and the white cotton denim). I rarely see a line with so much cohesion in style and fabric choice. Very nice work".

The first piece is a cotton dress with a pleated skirt and open back.

The second piece is a silk, princess seam, cut-out dress where I used contrasting colours to create a slimming effect.

The third piece is a cotton crop top with lace and silk organza detail. The fourth piece is a cotton stretch denim shorts.

The fifth piece is a silk blouse with a pleated neckband and the sixth piece is a woolen pencil skirt.

The seventh piece is a jumpsuit made of a cotton stretch denim and the eighth piece is a tailored jacket.

Here I am with my Pattern Making and Design Teacher, Heather.

Thank you Heather for everything you've taught me, I appreciate your kindness, calmness, generosity and humility. I miss you already.

And here I am with the Director of Apparel Arts, Suzy. Another amazing woman, so lovely, kind, down to earth and such an inspiration, a real expert in the field of Pattern Making and Design.

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