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First Quarter of 2017

Now that I am back in Gorgeous Cape Town, South Africa it is time to get the machines of production rolling. It's time to get working and set-up networks, establish service providers and source suppliers.

This is what the first quarter of 2017 will be all about. It sounds simple, but lots of hard work lies ahead.

Now that you have all seen my 8 piece collection, I intend selecting 2 of those pieces and designing 2 basics for a mini winter 2017 collection. This mini collection will be to test processes and systems, set-up and correct any bugs in this system.

I then aim to launch my full 8 piece collection in time for Spring 2017.

I would however, appreciate you input in helping me select the 2 items for the mini winter 2017 collection. For a reminder on the 8 pieces click here.

Please post your choices below.

Thank You


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