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Project to Revamp my own Wardrobe

Nine months into the year and I've decided to put starting my own Fashion Label business on hold.

I now have a good feel for my day to day routine and resources available to me and decided to focus my time and energy on getting my creative juices flowing.

So what is it that I have decided to do? I have decided to revamp my wardrobe. Why???


1. As a Fashion Designer I feel I need to be able to get excited about the thought of getting dressed in the morning with something Funky and Fresh, which I don't. This is also an opportunity to get rid of clutter.

2. I feel I would like to be able to showcase and show off my own designs and also get people's opinions on what I'm wearing. Get a feel for whether people like what I'm designing or not.

3. I can get a lot of experience in working with an array of different fabrics

As a mom, the first design I set out to make was something comfortable yet stylish. I designed something similar to a tracksuit, but actually leggings with a matching casual top.

I thought something colourful and fun would be appealing to the eye.

I will keep you posted as I make additional designs for my wardrobe.


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