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Duchess Satin Flare, Pleated skirt with Pockets and Chiffon-Lace Blouse

In my blog post, Project to Revamp my own Wardrobe, I discussed how I would be creating pieces for my own wardrobe.

My latest design is a Flare, Pleated skirt with pockets made from duchess satin. I also designed a matching blouse made from chiffon and lace, which I am wearing in the picture below.

As part of the research and development for my future label I've decided to make and sell 6 of these skirts in 5 colour options . The intention is that I will stay in contact with these customers and they can then give me feedback on the performance of these skirts.

I wore my skirt to my aunt's 60th birthday party, it was comfortable to wear and I felt good while wearing it.

The skirt's retail price is R 900, but I will sell these 6 at a 10% discount for R 810.

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