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Summer has arrived with a BANG!

So it seemed that we had a really long winter that stretched from as early as May and ran right up until the end of September. However, it was the rainy winter we really needed. The Western Cape experienced a severe drought and we seriously needed the rain.

So with an extended winter, you'd think that I had ample time to design and prepare designs for the long awaited summer, but NOPE. I'm just the type of person that tries avoiding the inevitable. I'm trying to enjoy the present to the maximum and hate looking too long into the future. For example, I seriously dislike when the shops starts putting up their Christmas decorations in OCTOBER already. So I'm always trying to avoid the topic of the next season, which is fast approaching. The main reason for this is because it feels like you not living in the present.

But I know that in order to become a successful designer I need to adapt this way of thinking. In order to plan for the next season and be in a position to release a fabulous new collection as the new season arrives, and not 3 months later.

As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, I aim to focus on women's fashion, however, I must admit I am extremely nervous about putting my stuff out, but I've also noticed that there's definitely a niche in the kids market. Also parents generally would rather buy stuff for their kids than themselves.

I've just completed a design for a girls jumpsuit and will do something for boys as well, so watch this space.

This is the girls jumpsuit I designed


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