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1 Month Detox

The 1 Month Detox program is a more vigorous program for a faster kick-start to regaining your health and subsequently losing weight because a lot of the weight we gain is due to unhealthy lifestyles. 


The 1 Month detox promotes nourishing our bodies with exactly what is needed to kick-start the body’s processes to selfheal and get rid of any baddies by cutting out anything unnecessary in our diets that interferes with the body’s natural processes, and promoting especially gut health. It’s a program to recover from stressful eating and living habits. Definitely a fast start to health gain and weight loss. So if you want to see results quickly the 30 day detox is the one you want to sign up for.


However, because we aren’t always able eat the quantities of food for the nutrients we require, we need something to help our bodies cope with the stresses that environmental pollutants place on our bodies.  Our bodies were not created to take vitamins in isolation.  All vitamins need to be taken in a synergistical manner and Barleylife is the only supplement that replaces all other multi-vitamins.

There are several products that have found to be most beneficial, they aren’t considered to be supplements as such, but rather necessary foods that will assist us in attaining better levels of health and vitality.  There are some dried veggie juices and some plants and herbs in capsule form that are required to be taken on these journeys/programs.


These products don’t claim to treat or heal any disease, what they do is to create a favourable environment within the body by supplying it with the necessary nutrients so that the body is able to start the process to heal and repair itself.

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