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Collars and Sleeves followed by self-designed Blouse

After finishing my first 2 dresses, I was taken through the various collars found on women's apparel, namely the Chinese collar, shawl collar, camp collar, collar with band, partial roll collar, peter pan collar, sailor collar, ruffle collar, the hood, flap collar, roll collar on a v-neckline, napoleon collar and finally the notched collar.

I was taught how to draft and sew these collars onto a bodice. Then I was taught how to draft and sew different types of sleeves and how to sew them into those same bodices.

I needed to draft and sew the basic short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, bell sleeve, puff sleeve (with sleeve head), cap sleeve, petal sleeve, sleeve with cuff. I was taught how to line a sleeve and deal with a gusset. Drafted and sewed sleeves with cuffs and vents, pleated mutton leg sleeve, Henry Viii sleeve, a Raglan bodice and sleeve and finally a kimono.

After completing collars and sleeves I needed to design a blouse and a jacket.

I am wearing the blouse in the picture below next to my amazing husband.

I have not yet completed the jacket as I will do so during the tailoring class I am taking during the fall of 2016.

So watch this space.


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