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Plans for the rest of 2016 and first quarter of 2017

I know, I've been extremely quiet, but things have been insanely hectic.

As you know I am working on my 8-Piece collection as my final project to complete my studies to qualify as a Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker.

I have finished 5 out of 8 pieces and my final collection presentation takes place on December 9th, so 17 days away .... One of the 3 remaining pieces is a tailored jacket, which contains 86 difference pieces. So that is the additional tailoring class I'm also attending.

Then over and above these 8 pieces I also did another fitted pencil skirt with a waist cincher, which I completed as part of my Manufacturing Practices class.

So what can I say lots happening. Over and above all of this we are moving back to Cape Town, South Africa on December 16, so we need to pack up our entire household and ship it out.

My plan for 2017 is to familiarize myself with the seamstresses and factories in Cape Town, and find a suitable company to work with to sew up my first collection. I also need to find ideal fabric sources.

I have decided that I will start off with my first trial run in time for Winter 2017 with possibly 2-3 items from my current collection and then possibly include some basics. So a really small run just to do a trial with the factory and systems I will put in place, for this reason I will not be doing any custom designs.

I am so excited to get things going.

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating


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